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TS01S, 1-CH Capacitive touch sensor

  • 1-Channel capacitive touch sensor
  • Differential sensitivity calibration
  • Low current consumption
  • Uniformly adjustable sensitivity
  • Sync function for parallel operation
  • Three steps sensitivity available without external component
  • Open-drain digital output
  • Internal power on reset
  • Embedded noise elimination circuit
  • RoHS compliant SOT-26 package
  • Standard packing: reel 3000 pcs

Typical application circuit

Special applications

For special applications there are available next two TS01S versions. Pinout and main technical data remain the same, but internal detection algorithm is modified.

TH01 is suitable for applications, that need to detect initial touch (at the moment when power is applied to circuit).

Standard TS01S version always begins with calibration to adapt device in actual envirnoment (temperature, humidity, ..). If sensing pad is touched during power up, device adapts to it and don't respond on output. By the way, this situation makes sensor temporary less sensitive or even insensitive to touch. But when initial touch is removed, sensitivity grows to normal level after a while, since auto-calibration runs permanently.

TH01 has also auto-calibration, but detection algorithm compare initial input capacitance to fixed level and when exceeded, device respond by output activation. That is why initial touch after power-up is detected. Compared to TS01S, this device has significantly lowered power consumption (typ. 15uA at 3.3V, 30uA at 5V), but sensing frequency is lowered and response is slower.

  • Standard packing (SPQ): reel 3000 pcs
  • Minimum quantity (MOQ): 3000 pcs

TS01B is designed for applications, that need to detect body presence rather than direct touch.

TS01B has significantly higher sensitivity and can detect body presence on higher distance. This is achieved by lowered threshold level. For example, TS01B with sensig pad of size 15x15[mm] can detect metallic plate (GND connected) up to 24mm in free air, while TS01S don't exceed 19mm.

In case of body presence detection, this distance will be a little bit lower, for given pad size. When pad size is larger, detection distance grows as well. To reach highest sensitivity, don't create conductive GND connected plan on opposite side of sensing pad, since it significantly affect device performance.

  • Standard packing (SPQ): reel 3000 pcs
  • Minimum quantity (MOQ): 3000 pcs

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