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Capacitive Touch Sensors


Mostly applied control device is probably simple pushbutton. Computer keyboard contain a lot of such buttons. Computer mouse, TV remote control, PDA, phone, electronic tools, toys, homes and cars are full of buttons. This is simple device, but -thanks to mechanic parts- also common source of problems. Limited lifetime often limits lifetime of the product itself.

Electronic systems with mechanical buttons also have to contain special circuits, that improve noisy input signal. Or there have to be spent processor resources to make this input signals applicable. In addition, the machanical construction is much more complicated.

There is a solution: Capacitive Touch Sensors. This kind of touch sensors solve all this problems and brings new possibilities. Touch sensors are free of mechanical parts, output signal is clear and system construction is very simple.

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Capacitive touch sensor prinicple is not new, but what is quite new, is the technology background. To become a word leader in the field of touch sensors, it requires a years of development and testing. We offer excellently reliable sensors, clear to designer and simple to user.

Compared to some other competitor's products, TS devices detects frequency change caused by near conductive object (finger f.e.). Strong point is in time division multiple frequency architecture, automatic differential compensation, enhanced temperature and humidity compensation and great noise elimination.

TS sensors have exellent noise immunity, wide temperature and humidity range, low number of external components, compact design and a number of additional functions. Try it yourself ;-)

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